Asus P8Z68 Mobo won't boot up

I just built my first pc but I have my doubts that I did everything right. I hooked everything up (I think) and when I turned it on, the dram led was on and no video. I switched around the ram so it's in the B1 and B2 slots and the dram led went away but now the VGA led is on. I really don't know what to do now since there's no video and I can't get into the bios. The parts i have are:

P8z68 deluxe
2 4GB ripjaws
OCZ 1000w gold psu
Diamond ATI Radeon 5970 2 GB
Intel i7 2600k
CM Haf X case
OCZ Octane 128GB SSD
Samsung spinpoint TB HDD

and I think that's all the parts
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  1. Bump
  2. Remove the card and restart and insert again.
  3. I tried that and no luck.
  4. Bump. I really need help.
  5. Try one stick of ram at a time. Make sure your gpu all the way in. if nothing works rma mobo
  6. Yea the ram only works if I put it in b1 and or b2. If I put it in the others, the VGA led will go off but the dram led will go on. Either way I get no video.
  7. Can you get another gpu from someone else?
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