On Sunday I upgraded my cpu, ram, harddrive and graphics card. Today after booting my pc, windows offered some update, so I accepted. While it was restarting I began to smell some type of burning plastic. I forced it to shut down during the reboot ( by holding the power button ). Because I thought damage could have been made if I kept it on. I started to inspect the PC to find out where the smell came from, removed the psu didn't smell anything burnt. Did the same with every other part. Re installed everything, booted the PC again and no display. I've tried booting probably 5-10 times, have had no success.

All the fans spin normally, nothing sounds wrong. I've tried a different screen and graphics card still no success. I'm wondering whats wrong, something must be fried. Is it the psu ? Motherboard? Or CPU?

Alienware 700 watt power supply ( it came with the PC it's about 5-6 years old)
Xfx 7850 1GB
Corsair 4GB DDR2
AMD Phenom x4 black edition ( forgot the exact model )
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  1. Can you get it to boot using your old graphics card?
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