Mobo won't boot without jumper

I am reassembling an older computer. The motherboard needed a jumper wire on the 24-pin from green to black in order to boot up. After installing Win7 it still requires the jumper to even start (without the jumper, it's as if the system were unplugged, no response at all). The motherboard is a Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P. I bought a new 500W Corsair power supply. Other specs are as follows:

AMD Phenom II x3
4GB Crucial Ballistic RAM
40GB Western Digital Hard drive
Nvidia 9800GTX+ Black Edition
New Wireless Adapter

Also, if it makes a difference, I put in a new motherboard battery.

Thank you.
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  1. This is not too old and should be fine with all devices including the psu.
    what did it mean jumper wire? your psu possesses 24-pin power to the motherboard, and extra 4-pin power to cpu.
    what else needed as a non-standard power supply on the mb?
    you may need to check external power to your graphics card.
  2. Quote:
    what did it mean jumper wire?

    I am soft-starting the mobo using a paper clip to connect the green wire to the black wire on the 24-pin cable to motherboard. If I remove the paper clip, the computer won't start.
  3. Can anyone offer any help? I would really rather not have to jump my computer every time I want to start it.
  4. Do you have connected the case cables into your motherboard? Did you put them properly? If not, it may be an issue with your power button. Try swapping it with the reset button.

  5. I have similar problem. I have old DELL optiplex GX620.

    It used to create lots of noise from CPU fan. Now it does not start, no sound, nothing, just yellow led on Mother board is ON. But when i put paper clip to connect the green wire to the black wire on the 24-pin cable, fan starts. Then I push power button, computer does start and everything seems fine, well there is still lots of noise from cpu fan.

    So, to start computer, every time, I have to use paper clip. What could be possible issue? Thanks.
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