I5 + SSD or i7

what would be faster an i5 ivy bridge and a ssd or a ivy bridge i7?
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  1. if you don't plan on using programs that are able to fully utilize the 8 threads of the i7, then you should go with the i5 + ssd
  2. What do you primarily use your computer for?
  3. gaming, and a little bit of video editing and cinema 4d stuff.
  4. If you tip the scale to gaming, the i5 combo. If the scale tips more toward video and rendering, the HT of the i7 will be better. Simple, huh? :)
  5. I think I will go for the i5 combo, sorry I forgot to change it from discussion to question so no best answer. :(

    and thank you both for your input.
  6. For gaming I would go with the I5 200k and an SSD. What I did was use the SSD as a boot drive. I installed Windows 7 and all motherboard drivers onto the SSD and a regular HDD for everything else.
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