I-2600k or I-2700k Build (CPU+Board) budget $400 Max

I am at waiting point in my build.

Based on the new Ivy coming out in April and June, What price/time waiting period would be good over the next 12 months?

I am planning to aim for a 2700k and (ASUS) (Gigabyte) Board

Board - $150- 175

Chip - $200 - 250

Trying to be in the $300 - 400

AsRock I am not sure about reviews and recommendations by this Manufacture?
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  1. If you're on a constrained budget, a 2500k is a very viable option. I have a 2600k and you only gain hyper-threading. Odds are, if you don't have any dedicated software that is multithreaded, you're wasting your money on a 2600k because you won't actually be using the extra features you're paying for.

    You won't find an Ivy Bridge in your price range within the next 12 months that is comparable or better than a 2500k. Don't expect Sandy Bridge prices to drop though either, they came in cheap for a new release so they won't really go down much than what a good 'egg deal can get for you now.
  2. Right now I see Combos at Micro Center for 500-560 plus tax before the new relaese.
  3. adjusted budget to $500 buts that asking alot.
  4. What are your CPU intensive uses?
  5. Microcenter is doing the 2600k for $280 and $50 off of a mobo, best combo there is the asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3 and the 2600k.
  6. doing a combo

    Would like the Askrock Fatal1ty Gen 3 Board

    with the Intel 2600k chip

    Paired with a 120GB Patriot PyroSE or a OCZ Synapses or Vertex 3 120GB

    2 x 10,000 RPM HDD
  7. Raidur said:
    What are your CPU intensive uses?

    General 3d Graphics like EA Sports Football or Tiger woods 12-13

    Or Online like facebook Uberstrike , or other interactive 3d Facebook apps.
  8. Then I would get an i5-2500k and asrock z68 extreme 4 gen3 and a higher end graphics card.
  9. Also I was going to say Auto CAD Student 2010 Edition for home work
  10. That is why you have an nvidia graphics card with CUDA, does autocad support gpu rendering/accelleration?
  11. amuffin said:
    That is why you have an nvidia graphics card with CUDA, does autocad support gpu rendering/accelleration?

  12. Spend the extra money on a higher end nvidia graphics card.
  13. Well I am settling for the Asrock Fatal1ty Atx GEN 3 Board and i-5 2500K Chip
  14. I liked the Fatal1ty Z77 Combo at micro center
  15. 2500K $220
    MSI Z68A GD65 $180

    Z77 is cheaper though, and you get Lucid MVP.
  16. z77 pro 6!
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