How much will the AMD trinity laptops cost and when will they be out ?

I just bought an HP g7 laptop a week ago, its got an A6 3420m in it, 4gb ram, 500gb 5400rpm hdd... I like the laptop as its my first ever. The gaming performance is pretty decent but I want a little more then what its putting out..

Originally my budget was only $300 for a basic e series laptop but then after research i decided i wanted an A4 for $350 but then changed my mind while in the store and got the A6 for $450. However now im thinking of returning it and getting the A8 based on it getting supposedly 25% more fps then the A6 GPU gets due to the full unlocked shader cores. That and the A8 laptop has 6gb of ram, and a 750gb 7200 rpm HDD.. but its $580.. So i would have to wait till next week payday to make up for the difference..

So the A8 laptop would be much faster overall.. However the screen is only a 15 inch display and my 17 inch is much much better looking so thats why i dunno, i like the bigger displays vs small ones on laptops.. But to get the 17 inch A8 i would need $700 which im not willing to spend on a laptop hell $600 is pushing it.. But then someone told me to return my A6 and wait for the Trinity laptops.. I never heared of those and it seems from what i dug up they should be out in the next month... Does anyone have any idea when, and how much these laptop's will be for the quadcore versions ? Because if its over $700 i might as well stick with the Llano.

Also I do have a main gaming machine, its fairly old now an E8400 Wolfdale @ 4.4ghz, 4GB DDR2, and a ATI 4890.. However despite it being 3 years old now " i think ? lol " it still runs games such as skyrim maxed out altho skyrim isnt the best graphicly but im just giving that as an example.. I dont plan to upgrade my PC in the future for now because im more concerned with fixing up my Jeep, then I am with computers these days.. As such this is my first ever laptop and I want something decent that will last awhile without being a total peice of garbage after only 1-2 years
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  2. The only people who know how much the cost will be is the manufacturers and they probably have no idea until all the component price points are set by the individual manufacturers.
  3. Each will cost exactly $612 American and they will be out on June 14.

    No but seriously, according to AMD (I think I read this on xbitlabs)

    The AMD "ultrathins" that feature Trinity will be in the $600 price range. Supposedly to be released in the summer.

    Keep in mind that Llano was delayed several months and Bulldozer was delayed several years. If you need the laptop with any sense of urgency within the next couple months I would just stick with the Llano.
  4. Unknown.

  5. I dont see what an a8 would be 25 fps faster than the a6, they're almost the same chip. A8 has 80 more shader cores and runs the gpu 44Mhz faster. I would guess about 10% better at the same resolution.
  6. As other people have said there is no way to know until it is released. Same thing with processors and video cards. You'll see a lot of numbers thrown out there but until the official reponse there is no way to know.
  7. popatim said:
    I dont see what an a8 would be 25 fps faster than the a6, they're almost the same chip. A8 has 80 more shader cores and runs the gpu 44Mhz faster. I would guess about 10% better at the same resolution.

    Didnt say 25fps faster, i said 25% faster. according to which is the best ever website IMO for laptops.. the A8 gets about 25% better fps.. This would be say in crysis the A6 gets 18fps.. the A8 gets 25fps... I know both are pisspoor.. but thats 25% and its like this for all the benchmarks they do..

    I guess what I will do is get a 2nd stick of memory and see what duel channle will do.. ATM i just relised my HP G7 A6 laptop is using 1x4GB of memory not 2 sticks.. so im running single channle im sure thats cutting my cpu performance in half..
  8. I got an a8 3530mx and to get the most you will need to purchase a ddr3 1600 1.5v kit or the upgrade over your a6 isn;t going to be worth it much aside from a faster clocked cpu. The a8 3500 is ok but without ddr3 1600 it isn't worth the trouble.
  9. it isnt the cpu clock im looking at its the gpu side.. 44mhz higher clock and an extra 77 shaders unlocked.

    I did just get a 2nd stick of ram tho for duel channle and my fps went from 25 in skyrim to 48 using medium details at 1280x720.. at the native 1600x900 resolution of my monitor using medium details its now around 33fps vs the 18 prior.. So thats a big improvement there.
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