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Windows 7 not booting on RAID mode

Hello guys,

First post but have been coming here often. I'm stumped with my new build. I have a samsung 256 ssd and 4 1tb sea gate hdd and the p9xpro79 mobo. I loaded windows 7 64 bit on the ssd then I went back to the bios and changed the sata mode to RAID and then windows started blue screening briefly and restarting. As soon as I revert the sata mode it works fine. how can I boot off my ssd and have a raid 5 on my hdd with the intel controller the mobo comes with.
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  1. Hi, Try installing the SATA RAID driver, then the Microsoft fix and switch to RAID.
    Or reinstall with SATA set to RAID. The RAID volume has to be GPT formatted (>2TB).
  2. Thanks alexoiu. That fix didn't work and trying to reinstall windows is bringing up an error that drivers are missing (this is with the sata set in RAID). Could there be an error in the BIOS or the intel driver? Another important thing is that the intel utility in windows is having an error when I try running it...
  3. Set SATA to RAID. Ctrl+I and configure the RAID array. Leave the SSD as non RAID.
    Start installing Windows and when asked where to install it, click load driver and load the Intel SATA driver:
  4. It won't let me load it. It says that there are no drivers in there to support my hardware. Should I try reinstalling windows in AHCI mode? That's the only mode it lets me boot Windows in.
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  6. The motherboard might not actually support RAID to hdd but RAID to optical drive.

    Usually, you can't change to raid mode after installation.
    The same applies to AHCI mode, it might not support AHCI for the hdd.

    If you specify your make and model of the motherboard, we can check the proper settings for the RAID option.
  7. My motherboard is the asus P9X79 pro. Can you please tell me the exact process to load windows on a ssd and run RAID 5 on 4 hdd? Thanks so much guys
  8. Reinstall windows, but click advanced or custom and load the raid drivers from the mobo disk or download and put them on a flash stick, you must install the drivers during windows install or windows will not boot.
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