Quiet Case?

Which of these would be a quiet computer?

Corsair 600T Or NZXT Switch 810?
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  1. Neither of them is really supposed to be used for a quiet PC.

    After all noise comes from fans. Fans can be controlled. I'd say they are pretty equally capable of being a quiet system with some time spent on it.

    However, the 600T already has a fan control on board, the Switch does not. NZXT builts really nice looking, quality fan controls to fix this. :)
  2. NZXT Switch 810 is quieter, though if you are looking for quietness, get the Fractal Design XL
  3. any case can be a 'quiet case' with silent fans!i would go with switch and quality fans!
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    I've been looking around for the same kind of thing! The thing is that most noise (from what I gathered) doesn't necessarily come from CASE fans.. but GPU and/or CPU fans. A stock CPU fan doesn't give a lot of noise (I think), but from your budget, I'm assuming you're overclocking and have a non-stock fan. Silent case fans are generally helpful, but not if the case has a bunch of holes all over the place that allow the GPU fans to emit a lot of noise that gets through.

    To solve that problem, I've seen quite a few cases with foam padding on the inside. While that may be excessive, (Fractal R3) a good idea would be to get a case that doesn't have many holes (except for the ones necessary for airflow). Commonly, a lot of noise comes out of unused fan mounts. The R3 solves this problem by covering unused fan mounts. It apparently has fairly good airflow, as well.
  5. The Corsiar 550D also covers unused fan mounts and uses noise reducing material to line the cover.
  6. Woops.. my bad. Then get the Corsair.They're a better company imo in general.
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