Buliding a gaming system

Brothers i want your help for building my New Gaming System, i buy some components for my CPU:

Motherboard: evga x79 SLI motherboard
Graphics Card: evga gtx 580 1536
Power Suply: 850 Watt

but i have not buy some components :


SSD Hard Disk:.????



Now i request you all to help me to buy the best One processor in core i7 for my sli x79 motherboard and the above mentioned components for my Gaming machine.
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  1. I would go this route:

    Asus p8z68-v pro
    128GB Corsair Force GT Sata III SSD
    8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz ddr3
    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
    Custom Watercooling
  2. Have you already bought the motherboard and graphics card?

    If so I'd go for the i7-3820 for gaming.
  3. a alikum wa salam

    +1 on amuffin.... for gaming the i7 is not worth the extra money
  4. +2 for amuffin on the CPU
    As for the case I personally love the Nxzt 810 Switch. Plenty of room, fantastic cable management, and great for air or water cooling.
  5. This is what I would go for:

    Motherboard : I would suggest reconsider and get yourself a Z68 as amuffin suggested.
    Graphic Card : Chosen
    Power Supply : Chosen

    Processor : if you want to reconsider Z68 then i7-2600K (the i5 2500k is a brilliant processor, but the difference between the two is quite a bit, out of the box or overclocked)

    if you want to stick to X79, here you choose: http://ark.intel.com/products/family/59135

    SSD : Crucial M4 - Sata III, no hassle setup and brilliant speeds at a great price. My current rig has 2 of these and I am very impressed.

    Hard Drive : Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III

    RAM : In order of preference - Corsair Dominator/Corsair Vengeance/GSkill RipJaws DDR3 depending on what your mother board supports in terms of speed (1333/1600mhz etc.). I am sure you know, but no harm mentioning - whatever size you go for ex. 8 or 16gb, break it in 2 sticks; i.e. instead of using 1 stick of 8gb or 1 stick of 16gb use 2 sticks of 4gb each in case of 8gb ram in total or 2 sticks of 8 gb each in case of 16gb ram in total.

    Casing : Now this is a matter of personal preference. You like jazzy/simple/functional/Size. I personally love Corsair Carbide 400R (there is a newer version 500R now but I haven't seen it). The 400R is a spacious mid tower, very well ventilated, SUPER QUIET, great cable management options and has 2 USB 3.0 ports in front with backward compatibility with 2.0 and it looks very nice (I love simple and functional). If you want

    (** Amazon links are just provided to give you an idea of the price and the exact model I am talking about.)
  6. Oh I just realised you have already bought the Motherboard it seems. If that is the case then:


    Choose what works best for you.

    Other than the processor, the rest will still work for you.
  7. Thanks All.....for giving me time..........Thanks again....
    Special Thanks for metallicmaggot...
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