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Please help I am having a brain snap!

Hi team,
Am just trying to get started working on my new Workstation I have had specially built for 3ds max. This has beed built for me by a tech company who have said they have done the research to ensure that the rig will be super good for 3ds max- particularly because currently I have been working on a macbook pro 2.7 ghtz quad core with 8gb ram running bootcamp and windows 7.

So now I have an i7 3630K 32 GB RAM x79 gigabyte MOBO sea sonic 80+platinum power supply and quadro 4000 graphics card.

in head to head competition rendering 100 frames on scanline renderer the difference is
645 seconds for workstation and 720 seconds for the laptop

I cannot get any kind of fast rendering from the workstation for quicksilver or mental ray and iray is giving me a CUDA error saying that it cannot access the device, cannot read the memory and cannot use it for rendering

I have been trying to troubleshoot this and am coming across people telling me that the 4000 card cannot render and run the display and that it is an unsuitable card for this set up and for 3ds max?
Any advice please! I am obviously an idiot, but I really am sad now that I think I have wasted all my money and the new machine that I have seems no faster than the laptop, can this be right? What should I do at this point? (besides dig a big hole)
Thanks for any help
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    this seems to say that card should be fine for what you are doing

    maybe its a software issue

    this site may be of some help
  2. yeh sorry I should have mentioned that I am using the 3ds max performance driver for the quadro card
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