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I need some help, I'm Pc building and having some issues.

1. Only one DIMM slot seems to be working. I have 2x4gb ddr3 ripjaws. The system will only show the manufacturers logo (the asrock splash screen) if I have one of the sticks of RAM in one specific slot, any mixture of two in any order OR the single stick in any of the other slots results in the screen showing nothing. The system will power on but it wont show the splash screen.

2. I have a win 7 installation that's retail on a hdd, when I add the drive to this new system it will bluescreen immediately when it tries to load the OS. I've put the drive back in the old system and it works fine.
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  1. Your RAM isn't completely compatible with the board, or you have a bad stick. Or the board is defective. When upgrading you should ALWAYS perform a righteous (aka FULL) OS Install. Grandfathering your installation (which is what you are attempting to do) will fail more times than it will succeed. Your chipset is different, and that causes the OS to fail to load. Throw the drive back in your old machine, back up whatever important data you have onto a secondary drive, and then put your hard drive back into the new rig (once you isolate the RAM issue) and do full hard drive format and re-install.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    PS: Be ready to call M$ to-reactivate Windows. Tell 'em your old PC is dead and it was only on ONE PC. Any other response and they will tell you to go buy another copy. You only get 5 re-arms, so be smart about how/when you reinstall.
  2. I've run mem-test now on both dimms for 2 passes individually with the one dimm slot that seems to work and there are no errors.

    Are there any other things I can try to maybe fix the issue with the RAM? If the RAM wasn't compatible surely the single stick wouldn't work?
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