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  1. I clicked the submit button by mistake and I no longer have the right to edit my original POST

    anyway my PSU smells burning like plastic and the its fan is quiet while the cpu fan is running so fast...the cpu temerature arises to 60C...
    the PSU is not original, it was replaced by a new one of 300W while HP says that my PC should have a 365W

    My question is: who could be the culprit? no dust, of course, I cleaned all my PC components just recenlty...

    HP Compaq DC7600 CMT
    CPU 3.60
    RAM 2GB
    HD 400GB
    Video card 256MB ( integrated )
  2. Why would you put in smaller than original? You have probably put a strain on the system.

    You have probably overworked the PSU to charring point. Get another one. And do not cheap out with the brand. Cheaper ones may say 300W but acutally deliver 250 to 275.
  3. Yeah I guess I need a new one...( It wasnt I who replaced it...it was the one who sold me the computer )
    But I guess I have another problem...It's when I change the resolution from 1280x1024 to normal 1024x768 that the CPU fan doesnt make noise a lot...could it
  4. I changed the electricity port and the temperature seems to go down..I 90% suspected it, but I dont know a lot about electricty ? what could be the problem ?
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