how many pci express x16 slot does my dg31pr intel motherbaord i want to buy a new card but my old 8500gt is intergatted so so i can take it off i plan on buying the 450gts
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  1. It's all on the net ;

    take an integrated card "off"???
  2. so i need a new board to upgrade video card waht do u advise me?
  3. Why you think you have to buy a new mobo ? You have a pci-ex16 slot if i'm right and you can disable the on board gpu.
  4. thank u dude so i will buy the gts 450 for good gaming but is it dx11 compatible?
  5. and does the 8500gt use my only express pcix16 slot or use the x1 so i have space for x16
  6. Well, if your 8500GT is a integrated card it will be solderd to your motherboard and doesn't use a slot. If it does use a slot you can take it out and put the 450 in.
    The 450 is dx11 but it's not a very good gaming card actually, don't expect to much from it. If you wanne have a good gaming card at least go for a 460, but only if you have a good processor, i saw there is a wide variaty of possible cpu's from pentium D till quad core. Which one do you have ?
  7. gts 450 will work fine on intel dg31 my czn have this board and this gpu with a e8400 processor and plays new games very fine
  8. At what settings ?
  9. sorry i didnt reply i though email notiffies me if someone helped me sorry again i have core 2 duo e4500 2.4ghz and cant buy from newegg casue i live in lebanon how about u advise me for the best card on this website
  10. I think a 460 would be to much for the processor. ( not complete sure though )
    For a 450, this is a nice one ; Asus Geforce GTS450 1GB DDR3 Dual w/TV
    For a 460 this one ; Inno3D Geforce GTX 460 1GB DDR5 Dual w/TV $219.00
  11. i think i might upgrade for a core quad do u think that is good or i get a new mobo compatible with the i series or go for a bulldozer compatible mobo
  12. and will i need more cooling?
  13. Oef, thats out of my league.
    Only know some about gpu's not so much about mobo's and stuff.
    Thought i read somewhere bulldozer ain't that great, but really ain't sure bout that.

    Someone else ?
  14. yes i would rather ask soemone else but can u plz check if gtx 460 works with my cpu e4500 2.4ghz and hwo do icheck my cooling and can plz mention how much colling i will need
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    The gtx 460 will work, you have a pci-e x16 slot, don't know if it is 1.0 or 2.0 but that makes no difference, the gtx460 2.0 will work even if it is a 1.0 mobo.

    Thing is ; is your powersupply up to it ? You need a 500W psu with two 6 pin pcie cables.

    You need at least one casefan, but more is obviously better.

    Also take in account that the 460 takes the space of two slots because of it's casing and fan, so the small slot beneath the pcie slot has to be free.
  16. one more question can i know what power supply i have and i have 1 csae fan obviously and how i knwo if my card overheats?
  17. To know your psu just open your case, there should be information on the side of the psu.

    You can monitor temperatures of your gpu with a program like afterburner, you can download that from the net.
  18. thanks for your help bro if i face any problems i will ask u
  19. Anytime :D
  20. did i mention i have a 1200x1000 resolution max on moniter
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  22. Well, the 460 is maybe a bit to much for that resolution, but maybe in the future you buy a new one like 1920x1080. And also with lower res the 460 will still outperform the 450.
  23. im planing to go for a new system next year for now im going with the gts450 casue its cjeaper or i may going hd5770 next your i think i go for gtx580 sli wehn i get new bored and processer and moniter
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