Driver Weirdness and Crashes

Hi everyone,

Long-time lurker here. I've been having some issues and I saw a few threads that seemed to start to fix my issue, but ended up closed, so I thought I'd post a new one here.

I build a new system in September. Build is as follows:

i3 2120
XFX HD6870
ASRock Z68 Pro 3
XFX 550w PSU
8gb Crucial Ballistix
1tb Samsung HD

Everything was fine and dandy for months. But, after I played the SWTOR beta weekend a few weeks ago I ended up starting having issues (no I'm not pinning game on this, but it was last thing I remember playing so it helps me date it).

Original issue was my computer got snow on screen and drivers started failing and recovering. I called XFX and they ended up responding and giving me an RMA. They RMA'd the card. In the meanwhile I continued to use the built-in graphics. Played SWTOR tolerably, as well as other apps. Not too bad really.

I got the card back, and installed. Immediately I started having messages from Windows telling me that the driver had stopped and recovered. During the time after I realized a few things about these hangs:

They don't happen in SWTOR.
They happen when viewing certain websites with video
They happen with the windows system rater
They happen with Titan 3d Chess in Windows.
They happen with Aero Desktop

Now, after reading through the forum, I saw some folks who had success with basically upclocking the 2d portion of the processor. They basically had it run at the same rate all the time. I made a preset and enabled that. When I did, half of the crashes went away. I was able to run windows experience rating, and the Titans chess. However, I kept getting crashes for my browser. Additionally, it made SWTOR unstable.

During this time I ran Memtest86+ overnight, I reintalled Windows a few times, I installed Vista 64 bit, I installed 7 32 bit, and finally ended back up with 64bit 7. I also updated BIOS, card BIOS, and tried several rollbacks of drivers and driver sweeps. I called XFX and they suggested to send in the PSU and the GPU, since they figured it was the PSU acting up.

While doing all this I've a few things:
-Everytime I put the card back in, Windows will have to refind and reinstall some of the USB drivers for my motherboard
-Sometimes windows will give me sidebyside errors that mention: Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files\ATI\CIM\Bin64\SetACL64.exe". Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.MFC,processorArchitecture="amd64",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",type="win32",version="8.0.50608.0" could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis
-The system is more stable when I keep the intel graphics going with BIOS
-System runs fine with Virtu and the monitor plugged into the integrated port, but Virtu cannot access the PCI Express card effectively and won't use it during games, even when I tell it to.
-My ram was running at 1600 in bios, but my i3 is only rated for 1333. I changed this in bios, but no effect.

At this point, I'm starting to regret ever building this rig. I'm going to attempt to RMA the video card again, and the PSU, and try to convince Asrock to RMA the mobo. The only issue I've run into so far is that Asrock has intimidating language about how they will only resalers and not consumers, but Newegg says I have to talk to them.

Any ideas/suggestions? At this point I'm tempted to get back my old rig (Q6600 and 8800GT) from the parents (gifted it to theM) and let them run this thing with the i3 and integrated graphics since that is the only time its stable.
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  1. I had these crashes with driver stopping and responding for my nVidia card (here is the thread) and in my case it was the adaptive power mode that caused the BS. Try to disable it if you have such a thing for AMD cards; it's the 2D part of the card that's screwing 'round, since the crashes won't happen in games.

    So you say:

    The system is more stable when I keep the intel graphics going with BIOS

    So does it crash or not?

    Since you RMAd pretty much everything save the board, I'd blame the board for now, unless you find another solution.
  2. No, it doesn't crash with the i3 graphics. (and what I meant there was the video card is more stable when I have the i3 graphics not turned off via bios). With only i3 graphics its rock solid stable.

    (Also worth nothing I put in an old AMD card and didn't get driver crashes but did get artifacting)


    I disabled the windows power throttling for the card, and tried to force a steady voltage with the presets in the ATI program (no adaptive mode in teh catalyst I can find), but changes weren't reflected by hardware monitoring at all.
  3. The error is a bug in Cat: 11.12. AMD is advising people to use 12.01 ( to correct the issue.
    Almost qualifies as thread necromancy doesn't it.
  4. Thanks. I"ll look into it. Also, ended up getting card RMA'd and it failed testing. And, they're replacing PSU but I'm using now old 650 or so from an old build and passing on the 550w they fixed to my old pc.
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