Second monitor stopped working

I tried to take my computer out of sleep mode this morning and it did not boot. So I flipped the power switch on/off and booted my computer. It seemed to start up fine but my second monitor is not being detected anymore. Im pretty sure its not a graphics card issue because everything else works fine. Any ideas?
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  1. Hello... can you go to you contol panel- and software program for the graphics card program and re-identify that monitor in it? cycle power to that monitor too a few times...
  2. The nvidia program just recognizes it as an "analog monitor" when it use to recognize it a samsung lcd. I did get it to turn on and display something but it doesnt give me the resolution options that it needs. I did reinstall drivers and nothing changed. I am really confused as to what the problem may be.
  3. I added the 1680 X 1050 as a custom resolution and it seems to display properly now but Im still not sure what caused the change.
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