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So I brought my computer back from school and it wasn't working. It looked like a motherboard problem so I replaced it and it started working for awhile. Then it started to work intermittently. Soon it wouldn't start at all.

My next step was to test the power supply which was dead. I bought a new one and hooked it and everything was working again. After a day or two, the computer would only turn on every once in awhile.

For example I'll play games on it for a couple of hours and it'll be fine. Then I'll turn it off and come back to it the next day except it wouldn't turn on at all. I'll leave for an hour or two and won't touch it, come back and it's working like normal again. What the hell is up with my computer.

Components replaced: Motherboard, RAM, PSU
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  1. check the cpu, hdd,
  2. The CPU I plugged into another computer and it worked fine. The HDDs I can disconnect when trying to boot but it doesn't change anything.

    The problem is that everything works perfectly one moment and then doesn't work the next. Two hours later and its back to normal without any modifications. I don't touch the thing and it magically just fixes itself.
  3. The only thing I can think of is that the power button is broken. Should I short the connectors on the motherboard to try and boot it up?

    Edit: I just tried shorting the connectors without any results
    Edit 2: just tried the paper clip test on my psu and it worked
  4. You can verify that by swapping the power and reset switches, then trying to boot with the reset switch.
  5. I've shorted the pins on the motherboard to start it up and it didn't do anything. The latest thing I did was test all my components with the old motherboard which turns on but doesn't boot (no signal).

    I think it's the new motherboard's fault. Is it possible for a bad processor to short a motherboard? My processor has a few pins which are off colored (darker than the rest) but it's worked....
  6. What are the original and replacement parts?
  7. I replaced the motherboard with the same brand for the 2nd time and once again it worked. I'll see if it works the next day. If it doesn't, I think something in my computer is shorting the motherboard or something like the video card or processor.
  8. When it stops working, what did you do last before that?

    It almost sounds like a heat problem or something if you can leave the computer off for an hour or two and then it starts working. Like having it off for that long gives it time to cool down or something.
  9. Nah most likely wasn't a heat problem. I first when it had trouble booting I figured it was the power supply. Once I replaced that it was working smoothly for abit and suddenly stopped again. Turns out it was the motherboard (the one I replaced 2 days earlier).

    I just don't understand how the motherboard broke so fast as I didn't touch the computer once it was running again.
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