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I currently have a Packard bell easy note TJ65 and this was my first ever laptop so its around 3-4 years old.

It is currently running on windows vista with a old pentium 4 processor and a 250g hardrive.

Now i cannot afford a new laptop but i can afford to fix my current one in the process i was wondering can i upgrade the CPU to a duel core and can i add a 500gb or maybe a 1tb hardrive and could i possibly upgrade the ram from 4gb to 8 gb.

I know the laptop also has a wireless card of 52 mbs is there a higher one i can add into this,

many thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. The problem is tri fold with something that old.

    Sure, you could find a quicker processor than what you have to fit that socket, but will your Bios support it? Are you prepared to spend 130+ on a processor that is quicker, but is still 4 years old and very outdated, for a marginal increase in speed?

    Memory will be hard also, it'll cost the same as all the newer, much much faster stuff, and will be 1/4 the speed. It also will only show marginal results as the rest of your components will be holding you back still.

    Have you ever worked on a laptop? They're an absolute pain, and most stuff is "on board" and not up-gradable. Your wireless card isn't as much a card, as it's also surface mount.

    I'd really recommend checking out the buyers guide on this site,,15158.html

    Or check out and pick up a laptop (NOT A NETBOOK!) that is more current to today's standards. Laptops will never be as quick as a tower, and will always be a little more expensive.

    BTW, on the above link, this is a killer deal
  2. In most cases laptops are very limited in what can be upgraded probably even more limited than OEM desktops. By the time you upgrade the CPU (if it can be upgraded) and RAM you can get a new cheap laptop. I just got a new ASUS laptop for about 400 dollars with tax and shipping. You can also look at refurbished laptops to. My uncle got a nice ASUS laptop for something like 260 dollars. It has an I5 processor, 4 Gigs of RAM and a 500 gig HDD.
  3. As has been alluded to, upgrading an inexpensive laptop is not cost effective. You can get a new, inexpensive laptop for what it would cost to upgrade the old one, even if it were upgradeable.
  4. Basically the same thing everyone else has said, but just to let you know that someone else is on the same page with all these replies.......

    1. There will be very little about this "laptop" that can be upgraded.
    2. Parts, if you could upgrade it, and you could find them, would be very costly, as they don't even make this type of hardware anymore.
    3. Even if you could find the parts, and even you could upgrade this machine, and you didn't mind spending the ridiculous amount of money it would take, you would still have an old slow machine that you would not be happy at all with.
  5. Well i gave up with my laptop in the end and im just going to fix her over time instead i went to pc world and got a new hp laptop cost me 799 pounds comes with 1tb hardrive, intel i7 proecesor, Hd ports, blueray player, 8gb of ddr3 ram and a finger scanner lol but thanks for all the help as this ones battery lasts for more then 2 mins lol :D
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