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I am on a hp p6803w and was wondering if my motherboard N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX would support a amd phenom II x4 960t I looked up the motherboard and see that it support 900/900e series, but I was kinda hoping lol. Any help would b great, thanks

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  1. http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c02560084

    Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:
    NOTE: Only Socket AM3 processors are supported with this motherboard.

    AMD Phenom II X6 10xxT Six-Core (Thuban core)
    AMD Phenom II X4 9xx/9xxe/8xx Quad-Core (Deneb core)
    AMD Phenom II X3 7xx/7xxe Triple-Core (Heka core)
    AMD Phenom II X2 5xx (Callisto core)
    AMD Athlon X4 6xx/6xxe (Propus)
    AMD Athlon X3 4xx/4xxe (Rana)
    AMD Athlon X2 2xx/2xxe (Regor)
    AMD Sempron Single Core 1xx (Sargas core)

    So yes if it supports Thuban it supports Zosma
  2. Thank u so much, the T at the end of the 960 scared me cuase they had the e on the other one but not the t lol
  3. The T is because its a Thuban (like the 6 cores) but with 2 cores disabled.

    Really to take maximum advantage of that CPU though a new better motherboard would be good. Even ones as cheap as £40 will support core unlocking and you may if lucky turn that 960T in to a six core 1605T
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