New Graphics Card?


I am hoping someone can offer some good advice on buying a new GPU?

I currently have installed a Sapphire 5870 2gb. I am looking towards going back to nvidia as they seem to be leaving AMD for the most part behind, unless you invest in a 6990 and I don't have that kind of money to spare.

I have been trying to compare both the card I have to the GTX 580, or maybe even the 2gb version of the 6970 if I can see an obvious increase in performance. A friend tells me that the GTX series of nvidia cards, and nvidia in general are better at coping with tessellation than the current range of Radeon cards?!

If someone can please offer up some good advice as to what's worth looking at, I would be very grateful!!

My current system specs are:

CPU Intel Core i7 930
Motherboard Gigabyte X58 UD3R revision 1
6gb of OCZ Triple Channel DDR3 RAM
Asus Xonar STX Sound Card
800w BFG PSU

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  1. I would recommend the 6970.
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