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my windows 7 won't reboot I tried a recovery disc but that didn't help either any suggestions
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  1. Will it post? If it posts, will it boor into safe mode? Try running memtest86 just to see what it will do and to test the memory. Did you do any installs or updates before this happened?
  2. I did a memory test (no problems), it wont post anything it stops at the screen saying starting windows.I didn't install anything, I was on the internet and it went to a black screen and hasn't loaded up since.
  3. Well since you were able to run a memory test, sounds like your hardware is okay and it is a Win 7 issue. Try booting into Safe Mode, by holding down F8 on startup. You may have a bad driver. You can so a system restore from safe mode.
  4. I tried that it didn't work either, I tried everything on that screen none of them worked
  5. Try a bootdisk, like Hiren's; loads of repair tools, otherwise you may need a reinstall, perhaps just a repair reinstall will work so your programs will remain. You will have to do all the updates again. For that you need your Win 7 installer disk (I assume when you said you tried a recovery disk that was a System Repair Disc that you made on that machine).
  6. I downloaded the Hiren's; reboot disc on another computer and burned it to a disc. which program do I need and,how do I copy it to a computer that won,t load up . I need to burn the right program to a disc that will do it automatically because I can't get past the screen that says "starting windows"
  7. You don't want to try to start Windows if it will not even boot into safe mode -- you need to boot into either the Hiren's boot disk start up or with a full Windows 7 disk if you have one.

    If you are not familiar with the programs on Hiren's, it will probably be easier for you to just boot into Windows from a Windows dvd, not from the hdd. Then you can do a repair installation, which will basically replace windows but not delete your programs. You will, however, have to reinstall all updates.
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