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Ram not working

I had one 1gb dynet ddr2 667 mhz worked fine.,,,,,,,,,,,,
then I decided to add a 2gb kuk ddr2 800 mhz ram.............

i bought a 2gb kuk ddr2 800 mhz ram and now i have a total of 3 gb ram but it is causing problemss..........
blue screen and errors come on startup
sometimes after logon, my apps don't work properly and the same blue screen and error came........

what should i do.......
i think that the new ram is causing problems.....
please help

thnxxx in advance........ :( :(
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  1. sumeshmeena,

    Try memtest 86+(You can find it in Hireens boot cd google it). Also check your mobo for new bios, because have changed the ram to 800 MHz.
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    The two diff speeds probably will not co-exist. Try manually setting speed in bios to slowst speed so both sticks run at the 667.
    It could be that bios is setting speed to 800 based on the DDR2-800 SPD and the DDR2-667 is saying - NO WAY Hosay

    PS it is never a good IDea to Mismatch your RAM
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