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So I've had this XFX 9400 GT 1GB for a while now. I've recently done a big computer overhaul, and all that's left is the video card and 75 bucks. Now I've looking at both Tom's and other 'best for the money' lists, but I still can't figure it out. I've been flipping through newegg and it seems their pricing and the card quality is incredibly wonky.
So what I'm asking is this:
What's the best card I can get for around 75 dollars?
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  1. around that price you can look for 6670. what is your entire system spec?
  2. get the radeon hd 5670 or radeon hd 6670
  3. AMD 3 cores @ 3.1ghz
    8Gigs RAM

    That sufficient or do you want the specifics.
  4. athlon or phenom
  5. Always be as specific as you can.
    Include PSU info if possible as it will be asked for anyway most of the time. Also what uses from most to least would help.
    Some cards can game better than others while teh beaten card may well be better at HTPC performance.

    Mactronix :)
  6. Athlon. My PSU is 400w. The RAM is dual channel ddr3 1600.
  7. 6670 should work
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