Can i put an i5 sandy bridge in dell OY2MRG A00 motherboard? Right now I have t

I'm wondering if I can upgrade my processor in my Dell xps 8300. My board number is Dell inc. OY2MRG A00. Current processor is the Intel Core i5-2300 2.8 ghz. I'd like to install the i5-2500 sandy bridge. And if i can, will I have further work to do or do I just plug everything back in and it works?
Thanks for your help in advance.
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  1. Should be able to, since they are both sandy bridge. Only thing that would stop you is if Dell didn't allow BIOS support, but you'll never find a CPU compatibility on their crappy website. Give it a try, the worst that will happen is it won't boot. And yes, all you have to do is put the chip in, redo the heatsink and cooler fan, seal the case and you're good to go...

    Are you going to send me your i5 that you don't need? :D
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