Is my Asus motherboard toast?

Hello. Today I decided to clean out my fan ducts, so I removed the plate on my laptop's back and took out the cooling unit, cleaned it and put it back in. After putting the battery back in, I heard a faint crackling sound, so I removed it and checked to see if anything was wrong. I thought I smelled burning (and as I later found out, it was). Sooo I put the battery in once again, this time nothing happened. But when the power cord was plugged in it crackled again, stronger, and smoke came out from the side where my DVD drive used to be. I removed all power to the machine.

After disassembly (and lots of searching on the net) I found that my super I/O chip had fried. I don't know if it's safe to try to power on the machine again. What do you think, is the motherboard toast or is there a workaround to make it work even with a burnt chip?


It's the chip with ITE and obvious scars on it. All and any help appreciated.
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  1. Call it! That thing is dead. i would not try to power on again as it seems the over load/short circuit is just traveling down the circuit frying one piece at a time.
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