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best budget graphics card for a 400 watt ps ?
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  1. easier if you list down your entire system spec. what is your psu brand? what is your gaming resolution?
  2. See this article. He does a much more exhaustive review than any of us could in a forum:,3042.html
  3. not 100% if im going to keep this computer sense its pretty primative but don't wana start from scartch so ehh who knows:l
  4. for your comp i will not going any higher than 5670. i forgot to ask did you intend to do heavy gaming on it? to be honest it is better to have at least dual cores these days if you want to play games
  5. Yikes, 220 Watt PS + Celeron really limits your options. Almost not worth throwing money at to be honest :(
  6. but can't i just upgrade the 220 watt and idk i just don't want to start from scratch
  7. @renz496 not to heavy but just a bit of combat arms maybe team fortess 2 prob more
  8. I would totally buy a new PC if you want to game. 700 can get you a PC that will run BF3 on Medium settings
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