Overclocking FX 4100 need help

First off I'd like to know if my motherboard is good enough for overclocking.


I know some of the transisters on lower end mobos don't always agree with overclocking...

Alright so I'm trying to get an FX 4100 to around 4.2 GHz. I'm new to overclocking... I know how it works but not how to do it.

I've seen that you can use the multiplier to about x20 and be stable but that's not high enough. At what point do you increase voltage a little to support the new multiplier? Also what's the max Core voltage I should ever use? Any help is much appreciated!
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  1. Check out our basic guide.
    Search the internet for overclocking using that board to see what other people got out of it.
    You only increase the voltage when your overclock isn't stable. About the max voltage on that CPU I don't know.Once again check out the internet. I think you can find that info on the manufacturer's website tho
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