PS3 Doc Oc, "Genesis Effect" and Getaway tech demo

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The Doc Oc demo is showing SSS. The simple fact is the Playstation 3 is
>twice< the machine, in every respect, that the XFLop Full Circle is.
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    Blig Merk wrote:

    > The Doc Oc demo is showing SSS.

    Nice demo, but what does it have to do with games? You can't play a tech
    demo, and you can't play games on a machine that won't be in your hands for
    well over a year.

    > The simple fact is the Playstation 3 is > twice< the machine, in every
    > respect, that the XFLop Full Circle is.

    It looks like the gap between PS3 and Xbox 360 will be similar to the gap
    between Xbox and PS2. (Uh oh, what are all the "Xbox is for graphics
    whores!" fanboys gonna do in the next gen when their machine is the one with
    the better graphics?) But Xbox 360 will be out four to six months earlier in
    Japan (not that that matters) and possibly up to a year earlier in the U.S.
    and Europe, kind of like PS2 was out a year before Xbox.

    So, the question is: Does the head start Microsoft will get with Xbox 360
    buy them enough of a lead to go head to head with a better (in most
    respects) machine down the road? Or do they get Dreamcasted when people
    decide they want to wait for the PS3 to come out?

    I gotta say after seeing PS3 in action I'm very impressed and stoked to own
    one, other than the fact it looks like a freakin' fax machine instead of a
    game console. I'm also stoked for the 360's media center capabilities and
    the next generation of online play, which are two areas that Xbox 360 will
    easily be better than the PS3 in. But man, I'd hate to have to pick between
    just one or the other.

    Hey Bligs, I know you can't even figure out what 1 x $19.95 equals, but if
    PS3 = 2 x Xbox 360, and Xbox 360 owns you twice as much as Xbox did, then
    how many times did your dad have to sexually abuse you before you became the
    twisted little mutant that you are today? Please show all work done to
    arrive at your answer.

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