Maximus V formula or sabertooth z77

hello everyone.

i just want to know which one will be better for a newbuild gaming computer. ASUS sabertooth Z77 or ASUS maximus V formula.

they are both having a z77 chipset and both of them are bundled with new edge mobo features like SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0 interface. and the price is quite same.

i just found that maximus has a sexier look and sabertooth looks like a stealth killer..

sabertooth has a thermal armor with two tiny fans but maximus can be easily watercooled..

Is there any other difference ??
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  1. theyre pretty much identical as far as whats powering them.
  2. the maximus is rog (republic of gamers) and that comes with its own oc and monitoring software. another cool feature, it can give priority to gaming traffic on your nic.
  3. eh thats just software, that you can get for any motherboard i might add.
  4. Are those the only two options?

    Just want to throw out there that a ~$150 board from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock also offer SATA 6 and USB 3. The only way you might be able to tell a difference is in a benchmark. Real world will be the same.

    Food for thought.
  5. If they are same price i'd go for the maximus. i have the sabertooth but in norway saber tooth is 3/4 of the price of maximus, and it would mess up with the colors in my case.

    Color, software and rog is the only difference and if you think it's "sexy" go for it.

    but think of what J_E_D_70 said too, more reasonable to save some money on a board with enough sata 3.0, pci-e and same chipset

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