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I am wondering if the 550 ti is a good card as it is somewhat cheaper than the gtx 460. my resolution is only 1440 x 900. Also, can i install that onto a mATX motherboard?

Thank you
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  1. gtx 460 has better performance than the 550 ti

    cant tell you if it will work on your motherboard with out make and model
  2. It's OK. I wouldn't brag about that card, but it has some nice features. It's smaller, and cheap, but if you have the money, get the 460. It's alot more powerful. What games do you want to play, and what is your motherboard?
  3. It can come close in performance to a stock gtx 460 and use less power but is already close to its max right out of the box. They suffer from the same power vrm issue as the gtx 460 but less likely to fail after a few months use due to lower power use.
  4. I see, and i basically only want to play SC2, LoL, maybe portal 2 and such at a somewhat high setting.

    motherboard with i5-2500k
    MSI H61M-E33 (B3) LGA1155 Intel H61 B3 DDR3 A&GbE MATX
  5. well SC2 mainly depends on your CPU. I assume with a 2500k you're going to OC it at sometime? Anyway, if you just want to play SC2 then a 550 ti should be good.
  6. yea at some point i want to, it was actually cheaper than the 2500. and one last thing, mATX can fit in a mid tower, or do i have to go for the mATX tower?
  7. Can you like the to the Case? Some do and some don't, but they usually say on the specs.
  8. ah i posted the link, but i see where it says what its compatible with. thanks guys, and sorry for the noob questions
  9. They're not n00b question. Choosing a GPU is really hard, so much to factor it.
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