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how do i update my gpu bios?

i know that it's not recommended but for future references i want to know if i should update or not due to some situations i might encounter. i am currently using v260 for nvidia and my gpu is a gigabyte gtx 460.
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  1. if there is nothing wrong with your card then just leave it be.
  2. im just saying like in a "what if" situation where my card supposedly "bugged" out or gave me a error message. how should i deal with the problem?
  3. There is no such things as gpu bios updates. Only bios mods to unlock or add a certain feature on the card. If your trying to any of that and are not familiar with flashing its bios stay away from it. Unless you got a old card lying around you want to mess around with

    If you have problems with the card the first suspect will be the drivers. Uninstall them by removing them completely with a driver sweeper then install a different driver version. If you have a nvidia card its drivers got a error reporting logging function which will give you the error description in Windows eventviewer
  4. i meant upgrade
  5. what do you mean by upgrade? flashing the card to the new BIOS does not upgrade the card
  6. There is no such things as gpu bios updates. You void warranty of the card doing it
  7. That isn't true! You can update the bios. Goto the vender site and look for its tools. I had one of the first revisions of the EVGA 460gtx and my fan limit is 70%, also my clocks are 675. They gave a bios update to unlock the fan to 100% and set my core stock to something higher. That being said, the best response here is not to do it if its working fine.
  8. they just hand out different BIOS with different setting. the vendor do release BIOS update for the gpu much like mobo BIOS update but normally they only urge the user to update the BIOS if something was wrong. some vendor did not release BIOS update at all and often if the user flash the card with BIOS from other vendor it will void the warranty. it might sound nice to be able to unlock or push the gpu voltage and core higher with different BIOS but if you do it wrong you can say good bye to your card forever. that's why it is not recommended to flash the BIOS if there was nothing wrong.
  9. well just to be on the safe side i wanted ask just in case "if" something happens to the gpu. so i can jus google the gpu bios and jus put on a usb stick and flash it , but not on windows
  10. AFAIK if something happen to the gpu you don't blame the BIOS first. anyway since you keep insisting this BIOS thing you can get the BIOS here:
  11. how would i flash it ?
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