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OK so when i play bf 3 and i am trying to do something percisly, like on a zoomed in scope i will try to move it to exactly on a object and it will skip around the point and not let me get exactly on what i want it to. Its kindof hard to explain but hopefully someone gets it. The question is... Is this issue related to the quality of the mouse or is it just generic when gaming. If its the quality of the mouse i will buy a better one. I am also using a wireless laser mouse, not really a cheap one though. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Wireless isn't the best for gaming. Try a friends wired mouse and you'll see. Most gaming mice are wired for that reason (my son refuses to use a wireless due to weird lag and skipping issues).
  2. Its not so much a skipping issue, its more of a accuracy issue. Whats the best gaming mouse to use?
  3. I've heard good reviews for the Logitech line and Razer lines. You'll have to find one that appeals to you and fits your hand best.
  4. I use a Logitech G500 which allows you to change the DPI setting with a touch of a button. If you want to snipe someone, then lowering the DPI setting can help improve your accuracy.

    High DPI = mouse pointer / view will move a lot when the mouse is moved a little.
    Low DPI = mouse pointer / view will move less when the mouse is moved.

    The G500 can store up to 5 DPI settings. I have mine as follows:

    DPI 5000 - I don't really use this setting
    DPI 2600 - Normal setting in both games and desktop
    DPI 1800 - I use this when sniping
    DPI 800 - I use this when sniping for finer control
    DPI 400 - I don't really use this setting
  5. ok lets make sure we are on the same page. say you have


    Numbers represent pixels...
    Say 5 was the object to get to, i can go over 9-7-3-1 but not inbetween. So the center it wont... i guess center on. Are we still talking about DPI here? Or just the nature of the beast. Keep in mind we are talking on a very very small scale. 12x zoom on scope on bf3.
  6. I think your issue is "pixel skipping" it happens and depend of the mouse sensor quality, or maybe you were unlucky and had the 1% sensor with this problem.

    Do you have a laser mouse ? laser mouse are known for having more case of pixel skipping, due to mouse acceleration being enable on a lot of laser mouse, and not on optical ones.

    You may check the difference between laser and optical :
  7. Its a optical. What gaming mouse should i use? I dont like all of the extra buttons and i like the ones that fit to your hand
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