P5B deluxe Failed bios update

I am in trouble. I just tried to update my bios, here's what happened.
I downloaded the newest bios for my quite old motherboard (asus p5b deluxe) onto a USB drive. Extracted the file and then restarted my pc, went into bios and ran ''ez flash''. p5b deluxe is supposed to be an easy-to-update bios kind of motherboard.
So the ez-flash recognized the bios update i had in store for it and ran the bios update. so far, all good. Then when the pc rebooted it told me (not immediately, but right before loading onto the ''windows 7 loading screen'') MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM.
So i checked the internet for the problem, long story short..my best shot was to clear the CMOS. So i turned my pc off, took the powercable out, removed the CMOS battery, switched the CMOS pin from 1-2 to 2-3 (for 10 seconds), replaced the pin to 1-2, put the battery back in and started my pc again.
Then it told me something like ''CMOS CHECKSUM BAD'' and ''CMOS SET DATE/TIME''.
So i checked the internet again and set the date and time in my BIOS. I then restarted my pc and now it says (just like before) ''missing operating system'' again!!

What can i do? and please dont right away tell me that my motherboard is screwed. I'll be happy to try out all of your options. Kind of in a desperate spot right now! Many thanks in advance!!
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  1. Hi, What is the setting for SATA and the booting order in BIOS?
  2. Your motherboard isn't screwed. You simply failed to make note of what your hard drive settings were in the old BIOS before rewriting it. Were they set as Primary master/slave? Were they set as AHCI SATA? SATA RAID? I dunno, and evidently, you don't either. Do you know the boot order?

    These aren't trivial matters. You should have made notes of your set up before wiping it all away with a BIOS update.

    It's a harsh lesson to learn, but we all learn it some way or another.

    Your options are to fiddle with the BIOS drive settings, I'd recommend AHCI mode in the SATA setup if your drives are SATA drives. I'm assuming you weren't using RAID. You might tell us what model your drives are (ie: ST3750340AS) so we can provide a little help. Are they SATA? IDE?
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