Weird Graphic Problem -- only on High Resolution

The Problem: I have three flickering lines on the bottom 3~4 inches of my 26 inch LCD monitor. They are different colors (blue, yellow, red, white) which lead me to believe it is a problem with the graphics card. The horizontal lines are made up by small vertical lines which vary in length and being slightly diagonal, there is no uniformity.

I have a Radeon HD 4600 Graphics Card, which I have been using for about two years with the current setup (same monitor, everything). I have done no recent updates or anything when this problem occurred out of the blue yesterday. My monitor is connected through a 15 pin VGA (it's a 5~ year old LCD) into a VGA/DVI converter, which goes into my tower.

I've looked through numerous posts on this website and others, and have so far done the following:

1. Installed newest video drivers

2. Tried other DVI port on computer tower

3. Tried to 'underclock' my graphics card, to discover it was already running at the lowest setting.

4. Tried to lower the DVI refresh rate, only to discover that the catalyst graphics manager does not have that option. I upgraded to the new catalyst software from ATI, only to discover that I'm still unable to do so.

5. Lowered the screen Resolution.

Lowering the Screen Resolution DOES completely stop the horizontal flickering lines. However, this is only a solution for desktop and internet surfing, as my computer games (too numerous to mention) require a higher resolution, and the flickering begins.

My highest available resolution, 1360 x 768 causes the horizontal flickering lines.

All of the lower resolutions do not.

Do I need a new cable? A new graphics card? What do I do next?
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  1. Whats you refresh rate at?
  2. It was originally at 75, I've lowered it to 60, and still have the same problem.

    When I lower it below 60 (59 is the only other option) then it automatically switches my resolution to the lowest possible.
  3. Any other ideas? I'm completely out of things I can think of to try, without going out and buying something new.
  4. Are you using windows native driver for your monitor? You can create on with Rivatuner.

    It will correct the refresh rate/resolution your monitor can handle. Your monitor might be able to do 75 on a low resolution but only 60 on a lower resolution or it might only be able to run 75 on a certain resolution. The driver will let windows know whats its limitations.
    Are you using a LCD BTW?
  5. I'm not sure on the Windows native driver, how do I check that? I am using Windows Vista as my OS.

    I am on a Samsung LCD, where do I go to get the Rivatuner?
  6. Ok right click on desktop properties. The last tab what does it say xxxx gpu on a ???? Monitor

    Rivatuner you can download from Just install it ignore the overclocking part and all that stuff. At the top right click little icons will pop out and choose display wizard. Then just click on get GDEID it will show you all the capabilities of your monitor and the resolution then just save it somewhere.
    All you do then is go right click properties on desktop last tab advance then update the driver. Choose manual then just select the inf file Rivatuner created for you. Windows will do the rest and youll see xxxx gpu on a samsung blah blah
    That's bout it
  7. I'm beginning to hate my graphics card/software that came with it. I have no properties when I right click on desktop, what I have is the AMD Vision Engine Control Center.

    On that, I've tried looking through the 'information' area and I am unable to find something similar...
  8. No go to the middle of your desktop anywhere on your wallpaper then right click properties. A box will pop up where you can change your wallpaper schemes etc etc. Just click on the last tab
  9. Eek sorry for the double post. Network not being its best this evening
  10. I understand that most OS's has properties listed, however, I do not. There is what I mentioned and a 'Personalize', I've looked throughout both. Here is any possibly relevant information I've been able to find. Nothing is listed clearly as my GPU.

    Adapter Type: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series

    My Monitor is listed as a PnP (Plug and Play)

    I have information on my Chip type, DAC type, and Adapter string.

    Is there another way to find out my GPU?
  11. If I go to Display Adapters under Properties of Computer, then it also shows the ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series. Is that my GPU?

    Also, should identifying different resolution/refresh rates matter? I've been using the same for over 2 years, wouldn't it have stopped working correctly before now?

    Thanks so much for your help, I'm just lost as to what is wrong :(
  12. Yeah that's the right place. That plug play monitor you need to create a driver for it so it doesn't say plug and play anymore because that's the generic driver for windows. Use Rivatuner to make one for you and then just update the plug and play monitor with the one you created.
  13. Thank you for your help, but I'm having trouble with RivaTuner. I've downloaded the newest version, and when I start the program, it says I should update Rivatuner b/c it is not compatible with my display driver.

    Before doing Rivatuner, I just finished a clean install of the latest package from AMD/ATI.

    when I open Rivatuner I see 7 tabs, Main, Settings, Power User, etc.

    I am not seeing the display wizard you mentioned or GDEID or anything similar.

    Edit: I found the Monitor Driver display or w/e and it shows the different resolutions, but for refresh rate it says no minimum, and that's it. I see no option to save it anywhere.

    Low Level Refresh Rate Settings is where I found it.
  14. Okay, I've done a lot more tinkering, still very frustrated, if anyone is able to help.

    Here is what I have found so far in addition.

    I did not find the GDEID you mentioned, but I found my EDID info for my monitor. Most of it seems to be pretty similar to what the PnP is set at. However, there is no way for me to 'save' the file. There is a 'Create' button, but it is always grayed out no matter what I've done.
  15. Still have the problem, any ideas?
  16. Do you have on board video at all? How about a laptop we can so we can hook up the monitor to it just to be sure its not the monitor itself.
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