Should i upgrade ram or not?

:bounce: Ok I'm going to build a pc out of old parts, so should i get 8gb of some cheap ram for 330 nok (or 60$), or should i upgrade my 16 gb of mixed 1333 Mhz value ram to 16 gb of HyperX Beast 1866 Mhz for 800 nok (or 145 $), and just use the 16gb of mixed 1333 ram in the spare parts pc.

(+) I'm going to buy a haf xb case, with corsair sp fans with the white rings, I have a sabertooth and h100 cooling. So with black ram, my build is gonna look all white and black, clean and sexy. And the green mixed value ram kinda ruins it. (esthetics)

(+) My 16 gb of ram is 2 kingston and 2 something.. 4 gb sticks of value ram 1333 Mhz and i dont think that mixed ram is the best thing to use. the 16 gb of beast is 1866 Mhz and has better quality and same CL 9. (performace)

(+) My build is "kinda" high end. 3570k (gonna buy it as i buy the ram but it's gonna run @ 4,5-4,8 Ghz), sabertooth z77, 6970's in crossfire, and the value ram is kinda a combo kill, even tho fast ram dont give alot more performance. (combo killer)

(-) 85$ more, tho i'm probably gonna use the money for food, or something anyways. (85 $)

So my build is gonna look sexy, and have 533 more Mhz with same CL so more performance, and it's gonna make my specs look more good, but it will cost me 85$ more.
Btw i live in Norway everything here is expensive, and I'm not gonna buy it from outside of Norway. since im gonna sell the spare parts pc i dont think money is gonna be a problem, but i still want to hear your opinion :P.
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  1. Because you have the 3570K + 2X 6970, so you need the 16GB RAM ( if you don't have the high-end GPU, you don't need 16GB RAM).

    Back to each set you need, from the review the 1866MHz is only few % better than the 1333MHz. And you already have the mixed 1333 RAM why not just try them, if you can boot up ( set the auto for the RAM setting in the BIOS) then you can save some money, but it is up to your own decisions.
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