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I'm planning to Sli GTX 580s. From what I've read there are sometimes issues with Sli setups.
My question is it possible to still utilize only one card, when the cards are still connected by Sli bridge?
This would be more convenient if I encounter issues with the SLI setup, and want to use one card without having to open the case and disconnect the SLI bridge.
This is my first time doing an SLI setup btw,
Thanks for the help.
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  1. Issues are normally with older games. Don't think youll be playing Max Payne 2 on your dual 580s.
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    When you go into the Nvidia control pannel you have the option to enable or diable SLI and you don't have to open your case , you can leave the SLI bridge there.
  3. Its mainly Amd who got some problems with Games in Crossfire. Nvidia not so much
  4. like said above you just go to the nVidia control panel and you disable SLI, most SLI issues are related to drivers and patches issue if you have the proper hardware on your rig.
  5. Thanks, that was simple as I hope it would be
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