ECS H67H2-M (V1.1) support Intel Ivb processor ?! No BIOS update yet?

Hello ECS,

Not sure if anyone trying to upgrade their CPU with this H67H2-M (V1.1) motherboard, however I recently bought it after checking the cpu was listed support in ECS's website.

Now found out that the new Ivb G1610 won't boot at all with the old BIOS loaded with board (2011 Feb 17) and supplier says they can only find the latest BIOS on ECS web site released 2011 Dec 13 and saying may not to support IVB either.

ECS, please release the newest BIOS file as you stated on your website says 'Since BIOS 01/22/2013.

Lodge a technical support case on the website, waiting for reply.

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    ECS BIOS team is working on the Ivy Bridge BIOS for H67H2-M. BIOS will be posted in the website very soon.
  2. Finally saw ECS published the newest BIOS on their web site which has a released date on 22 Jan 2013 which is the one ECS confirmed working with Ivb processor. Not sure why it didn't got published until posting question here or rose a technical support ticket in their web site.

    Link to the product page if anyone need to upgrade their BIOS:

    Thank you very much for your attention to the issue, ky_ecsusa. I think we can give ECS a PLUS for addressing customer's issue and request especially during the busy Chinese Lunar New Year which is tomorrow 10 Feb 2013.

    Happy New Year, everyone!
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  4. According to the ECS website, this BIOS update onl brings support for Ivy Bridge P0 stepping processors, ehich means one I3, some Pentiums and some Celerons. What about all the other IB cpus, like I5 or I7? Are they supported, or will they be in the future?
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