TH67B LGA 1155 Heatsink advice needed

My CPU has been hitting 60 degrees Celsius and the summer heat isn't here yet. I'm running an i5 2400 on a Biostar TH67B LGA 1155 board. The heatsink and fan that came installed are really rather tiny, so I'm looking to upgrade, but at a non-enthusiast price range. Will just any heatsink and fan setup snap on to this board or do I need a specific type?
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    Normally with no overclock the STD heatsink is fine. This is a good cooler for the price but might be an ovekill for your application
    Another cheaper and smaller option
  2. Well, the cpu is rated for 72.6 and i'm already hitting 60; we don't have a big ac for the house, so we can really feel the summer heat. As a result, i'm a tad paranoid as I've just purchased this cpu and board.

    Really appreciate the response and I'm checking the links now. :)
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