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Will asus 6950 2gb fit in a cooler master elite 430?

please really need to know this :) also i have a Gigabyte GA-H67MA-USB3B3 Intel Mainboard (B3 Stepping) - LGA 1155 will the GPU fit with this and the case? thanks, bear
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    this is a statement of features directly from cooler master's site;
    Interior black coating makes stylish inside looks.
    Front 120mm fan with brilliant Blue LED provides the best airflow to HDDs.
    Rear 120mm fan for high-efficiency ventilation.
    Tool-Free mechanical design for quick assembly and maintenance.
    Side ventilation holes for better cooling performance.
    Large transparent side window included.
    Supports long graphics cards including Radeon HD 5970.

    if it can fit the super big 5970being 12 inches, it surely can fit the 6950 being 11.
    the 6950 willl also fit in your board having a pciex16 slot. Happy gaming
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