Which psu for my rig?


I am building my new rig and I am in a delema which psu fits my needs... I use corsair in my old rig and I am happy with it, but if you have a better suggestion, please do.. (better or equal suggestion / brands).

I am not sure how much watts psu shall I buy! It will run LGA2011 / 3930k with 5-6 hdd and waiting for the new GTX670ti cards (sli). I was confident about 850watt by corsair, but I saw the power consumption the new keplers do, and I am not sure anymore!! Any advice??

Ps. Please note that the maximum graphics cards I will add is 2, no more than that and waiting to see 660 and 670ti performance and reviews, before I buy..
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  1. I have both GTX680 and GTX580 in different rigs, the GTX680 has lower power requirements. I'm running a pair of GTX580's in SLi with a i7-3930K @4.2GHz and 4 Hard drives with a SSD. This is all running on a Cooler Master 850W Silent Pro and draws a max of 600W from the socket.

    I think an 850W Corsair power supply would just laugh at your system as well.
  2. Oh! Thanks for the info, well I am not looking for gtx680, its to much for me.. So I will peak gtx660 or 670ti in sli mode (2 of them). Then I go for HX850 watt by corsair.. I already have a corsair 850watt TX but I installed it in my old rig with a gtx480..


    ps: this system will be a Photoshop (with large psd's and raw's) and gaming rig, so 6xx series is more than enough for pp.. Not going for 3d aps with it. I am very impressed with the gaming capabilities of 6xx series, but a bit disappointing with the computing power. I think gtx680 is a bit better in computing, from a gtx560...
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703022 right now its like 90 bucks after MIR or get another corsair.
  4. And a last question please, as I am going to order it tomorrow!

    Which corsair 850watt is better, HX or AX (i want it to be modular, to add or remove cables from it, for better cable management). I know very well the HX series and comes with 7 years of warranty in EU, but I have no idea about the AX series, that looks more... more... pro?

    As for what ZELX said, Sorry I dont live in the US.
  5. I finally ordered Corsair AX850watt I hope I made the best choice, I love the idea of full modular PSU and the ability to change the cables with custom ones.

    Thank u all
  6. 850w will do fine.xfx pro xxx 850w is a great unit(made by seasonic).and it's a an absolute steal for $122-
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