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I will be listing the components used to build my first scratch built computer and through the listing detail the parts used and the price paid including explanation of some special consideration that was afforded me by the manager of a store where most of the components were purchaced. I will list the price paid pre rebate.
I will include a few pictures of the build and welcome all comments and sugestions since I used discussion from this forum to make many of my decisions.
My goal was to build a system that would not be outdated as soon as it was built and to be upgradable in the future. This is not intended to be a gaming system but a robust general use machine and provide me with a cool toy to play with.

CPU Intel I5-2500K Retail Box $179.00
(Still on sale at a large retailer in store only)
Mother Board Gigabyte GA Z68XP-UD4 $95.00 This price was after a instant $60.00 savings when purchacing a I5-2500K and it was on sale also.
(Origionaly purchaced the UD3 version and had to return due to a bad SATA port and since they were out of the UD3 this was a free upgrade.
Windows 7 Pro 64 $108.00 this was after a $30.00 savings when purchaced with a Processor.
RAM Kingston Hyper x 2 x 4 Gig dual channel DDR3 1600 on sale still for $37.00
Storage drive Seagate Baracuda 1TB bought early november prior to the shortage issue. $66.00 on sale at a loacal branch of a nation wide chain (BB)
Boot drive OCZ Agility 3 240 Gig SSD $179.00 (special price due to a service related issue that caused me a wasted 80 mile round trip to the store.
CPU Cooler Corsair H80 $85.00 on sale.
PSU Corsair TX650M semi modular power supply $89.00 on sale.
Lite scribe DVD writer Free from another machine.
Video ASUS HD6670 $99.00
Case Corsair Graphite 600T White $144.00 (The store did a price match and then I used a 10% off cupon.
USB 3.0 header adaptor $18.00 Corsair case has front usb 3.0 cable meant to go through case and plug into rear of MB
Total cost pre tax $1099.00 (rebates will be $75.00 when I send them)
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  1. wow, neat and clean cable management, very nice build
  2. Thank you for the positive comments manu 11

    I spent alot of time reading the forum here and many hours with the build to get the look that I wanted.
    This build started with a different case and power supply and I never was able to get what I wanted.
    I have a great resource living near DFW with 3 major national computer store chains located here.
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    have you shopped from microcneter?
    and yes for what other purpose this build is for, its a great all round build.
  4. Yes I did shop there,

    This will be for my home office and general use
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