Submit to Me your BesT BANG for bUCK Reliable 2500k build for $1000

Use: Gaming
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Source: Amazon New Egg
resolution: preferably 1920 x 1080

Need some inspiration from Tom's Hardware community. If I gave you $1000 what parts would you choose (case, motherboard, hdd, gpu, etc). Optical Drive, monitor, OS, peripherals aren't included in the $1000 as I already have those. Only preference is a dual SSD/HDD setup with OS and main apps on SSD and air cooling, no liquid cooling. Case should be full size due to extra space required for large aftermarket air coolers. oh and 2500k for processor and set up will be single GPU non sli. emphasis is on good quality, reliable parts. if you have to go a little over(+/-$50) thats fine, doesn't have to be exactly $1000 or less. If you don't agree with some of my preferences, feel free to change it, but please tell me why.

thank you and I look forward to your collective expertise.

oh and hard drive should be at least 1 tb
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