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Need suggestion for new wireless NIC

Hi folks,

So I upgraded to 4GB from 2GB ram (4x1GB from 2x1GB). Same exact memory types (company, clock rates, everything). However, now my old Netgear WG311v2 802.11g wireless PCI adapter card fails. Works perfectly when I take 2GB out. Fails when I add 1GB back for 3GB. I google'd this and it looks like other people have had this problem as well and this card only works with 2GB or less ram. Something about security issue and it disengages if >2GB ram. No update for the driver exists. I have 32-bit Vista Home Ed. So really, I have two questions:

1) Has anyone encountered this problem and found a way to fix it? (besides fiddling around w/ security features on windows, which I am not willing to do.)
2) If no answer to question #1, can you recommend a decent and relatively recent wireless network adapter card that will work for my pc? I also intend to upgrade to windows 7 at some point later this year, so forward compatibility in this regard is also desired. Would love it if it was ~$50...

My thanks!
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    The age of your PC is important to know here, since the recommendation varies if you have a PCI slot or PCI-e slot. If you have a PCI-e slot then I recommend this card otherwise if you have a PCI slot, this or this will work nicely.
  2. Thanks sk1939.

    My PC is a HP pavilion a6030n from about 4 years ago. There is a PCI slot so those latter two cards you suggested sound good, but can you confirm that they will work with 4GB RAM with Windows Vista Home Premium Ed. or should I discuss with the companies directly first before buying?

    Best regards,
  3. I would expect little to no trouble using either of the two cards, since I know at least the TP-Link is Atheros-based, and the Edimax is Ralink-based, and independant drivers exist from both chipset manufactures. If your WD311 is indeed a V2 then it is a Texas Instruments chipset (other versions are either Atheros or Realtek based). If you want, you could check with the manufactures as well.
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  5. Thanks again!
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