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I just installed a new graphics card and two sticks of 2gb RAM. I've already disable onboard graphics. However, when i turn on the computer, it issues a beep 9(this is a lenovo desktop) and the monitor immediately enters power saving mode. What's going on?
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  1. hello... if its a high pitched beeping... then you need to plug power into the back of your new graphics card...
  2. from the psu, you mean? That's done, it's connected with a six-pin connector.
  3. How many beeps does it give you? Are they long or short? There are a number of possibilities. It's possible that one of your RAM sticks is bad. It's possible that the new video card is bad. It's also possible that the card can't get enough power to boot properly. Since you are using a prebuilt system, its PSU probably isn't that great. Post which graphics card you have, and what PSU you have. Wattage and amps on the +12V rail would be helpful.
  4. Its two short beeps, about 5 seconds after my computer starts up. I'm using an AMD Radeon X1950 XTX, its a heavy card, do you it's weight might be causing it to shift and ruin the connection?

    My pre-built system had a rather poor PSU (280W) so I sprung for a new one (500 W overall, 360 W & 18 Amps on the +12V rail).

    I'll try removing one of the new RAM sticks.
  5. The x1950XTX is quite old, but it should run on your current power supply. I take it this is a used card. It is quite possible the card is dead, it would be about 6 years old now. Try booting your system with your old RAM only. If it still doesn't boot properly, then the card is probably dead.
  6. Well, now there's a new problem :(

    Removed the video card and one of the RAMs, and now at start up, i get the following error:

    INTEL Boot Agent Version 4.0.19
    PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable
    1962: Operating System Not Found

    And this keeps on going in a loop, so the computer never boots :(

    Please help...
  7. Check your hard drive's power and data cables. You may have knocked one of those loose when you were installing your new components. Is this with any of the new RAM? Since your new RAM is suspect, eliminate that, and only use the old RAM from before you started upgrading. Go into your BIOS and check to make sure that the BIOS is recognizing your hard drive. If it is not a cable issue you either have really bad luck and your hard drive just died, or you have some data corruption in your OS or master boot record.
  8. Annnd I had very stupidly disconnected the hard drive power... :??:

    Boots up just fine without the RAM. Going to try the RAM one stick at a time now, and then the video card.

    If the card does not work, then eBay dispute, here I come!

    Btw, thank you very much for your help thus far :) I will post updates as soon as i have them
  9. Hmm, so the RAM works properly now, it's showing up as the proper 6gb installed.

    However, not so lucky with the graphics card. The fan is spinning, but the card does not show up int he device manager. Furthermore, checking in the BIOS, it does not show up there either; the system defaults to the onboard graphics. Any suggestions?
  10. Hello... you need to make a change in the BIOS... dis-able the on board graphics card... or could say BOOT from PCI-X slot first or if present... check in the "intergrated" catagory in the BIOs... might be some where else too...
  11. As said above, disable the onboard graphics and boot with the graphics card. If it won't boot with the graphics card as the primary display adapter, then the card is probably dead.
  12. I'm back :)

    So, the graphics card i'm using (ATI radeon X1950 XTX) doesn't have a bracket at the end, the one which according to online sources is used to support the card and act as a heatsink. Could this be the reason the card isn't working? If so, do you know where I could get a replacement bracket?
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