Dont know whats the probelm

If i turn on my pc with my ram set to 1600 ghz and restart, my pc wil turn on and then the cpu fan just speeds up and slows down and nothing shows up on screen. i think maybe its my psu that doesnt have enough power because of crossifire hd 5770
my psu is corsair gs600, my cpu is athlon ii x4, and my mobo is msi 970a-g46, also my ram actual speed is 1600
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  1. Nice way to confuse us, so are you saying you have 1600Mhz memory modules fitted or not. becuse it should be set to 800Mhz because it is ddr memory 800Mhz up speed from the cpu to the memory 800Mhz from the memory to the cpu on the bus =1600Mhz total.
    You have overclocked the memory beyond what it can function at.
  2. Don't confuse people. Ram speed in bios will be effective clocks so 1600 is 1600. Is the cpu oced? Make sure all the ram settings are correct. If you think it is the psu, take one of the gpus out and see but I doubt it if the pc was working before with slower ram. The psu has enough power for higher end cards.
  3. dont think its the psu, 5770's dont require much power.
  4. k so when i went into bios it was 1088 or something like that, and i though that was the actual speed of my ram, but then i was switching the ram to make it dual channel(i was too dumb to make it dual channel at first) and notcied that it says on the stick 1600mhz so i went into bios and put it up to 1600, then saved and restarted
    it turned on and was doing the fan thing, then restarted again and the bios said it reset it because my config failed for some reason
  5. Make sure the timings and voltage is correct too. You are getting a failed overclock.
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