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hey guys, i used one of my ssd's as my booting device, and decided i wanted it on the other one, so i put it on that one, and wanted to get rid of my system on the previous one. so when i had my system on my new ssd, i plugged the old one in and whated to get rid of the system that was stored on it. so in the command prompt, i cleared the memory (since it wasnt letting me delete it off the drive) and when i did that, the drive disappeared from my computer, and wont show up in My Computer. it is listed in the list disk command in the command prompt, so my computer knows its there. how do i get it back?? any advice would be appreciated! thanks!
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    You probably need to format it. On windows, right click on My Computer and hit Manage. Then go to Disk Management (I think) and you should be able to see your drive and partition/format it there.
  2. Note - this will erase your drive (though you probably just did that)
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  4. Thanks for best answer. Hope you got it working
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