How to fix 1 router with multiple duplicates of same network

Hi all,

I want to create a home network to share all my files across my three computers.. two pc, 1 mac laptop.
They are currently all connecting wirelessly to my single router (linksys WRT160n flashed with DD-WRT). When I try to share the drives.. I notice they are all connected to separate duplicate network names ... such as NetworkName1, NetworkName2, NetworkName3 (even when they all connect to same SSID).
Anyone has any idea that can help me get them all connect one network NetworkName so I can share folders across?

Thank you so much!

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  1. thanks for your reply but it didn't solve the problem. i began to think it's a router setting and when i check the setting i ran across this VLAN setting. is it because of a weird vlan setting that messes the computers up to think they need to connect to separate virtual networks? is the duplicate names caused by vlan??

  2. By default, dd-wrt is not going to assign each device to separate VLANs. That would have to configured specifically in the router. Did you yourself flash the router w/ dd-wrt or someone else? If it’s the latter, maybe an ebay purchase, then maybe it needs to be reset to factory defaults, because as I said, this isn’t the default dd-wrt configuration.
  3. i flashed it myself. I'll try resetting it to factory default i guess. thanks for the quick reply!
  4. dary410 said:
    i flashed it myself. I'll try resetting it to factory default i guess. thanks for the quick reply!

    Hi dary:

    I am having the same problem with my two laptops and the network name problem happens on both. Did reflashing or defaulting ddwrt router fix the problem?

    Ive got a linksys 610n router and a 64-bit laptop win 7 pro and 32-bit win7 pro laptop, both lenovos. Both using norton 360 and both having intermittent connectivity problems to my dns323 nas
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