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HD6770 vs GTX550ti

I want to know if which is a better card for my computer :bounce:

Intel i3-2100 (3.1Ghz )
Asus P8H61M LE
Memory DDR3 4GB 1333Mhz Kingston
SATA2 500Gig Seagate

also in my country 550ti(inno3D,Palit,Afox) cost $115.48 & HD6770(Afox,Powercolor) cost $127.30

also if you know some cards that might be in the $120 range. :D
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  1. I would go for 550ti.HD6770 is actually cheaper than 550ti.Also you can get gtx 460 for a slightly higher price around $140.
  2. Ic thanks bro, what brand do you prefer palit, inno3d or Afox?
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    I personally prefer Palit.But go for the one which has got good after sales services in your country and longer warranty.
  4. I'm pretty sure the 6770 is faster, but its not worth paying for. Get the GTS550ti.
  5. how do you know if its faster or not? i wanna know :D
  6. Try this link.,2892-17.html

    First, thats the GTS550TI amp edition, so its an OC'd 550. Next, looking at the chart I posted, thats about as even as you can get. I should not have said the 6770 is faster, they are very much equals. In this case, buy the cheaper one. (assuming the clocks are close to the cards in that review.)
  7. Well most of us on these forums just know because we have been doing this for years and understand the archetectural details and such.
    Also we read reviews and know where sites like this are :D

    If you go to the quick search box and type in the card you are interested in you will find a very good review with lots of benchmarking at various resolutions.
    Like so

    Unfortunately they do not have a 6770 review, the card is a little faster than a 5770 so it will come in about even in all probability, you can check its relevant performance at a given resolution like so

    Other sites are available of course.

    mactronix :)
  8. ohh ic thx guys for the help :) will post again if i have some other questions.
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