GTx 560 Low performance

i seem to be getting low performance in games

Just cause 2 (all maxed no vsync 8x CSAA)
58 Fps at 1280x1024

Crysis (Extream)
49 Fps at 1280x1024

Dirt 3 (All maxed) this one seems fine
78 Fps at 1280x1024

but n just cause 2 i have Fps dips
in crysis it is smooth it never comes below 42 fps

other specs

AMD Phenom II 955BE OCed3.5Ghz
mobo Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H
ram 5GB Kingston running at 1066Mhz

Gpu Stats

Core clock - 903
shader clock - 1814
voltage - 993mV
memory clock - 2200Mhz
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  1. Your problem is probably a CPU bottleneck. At your resolution the GTX 560 is hard pressed to use its full capabilities. It's really a card more appropriate for 1080p. Open task manager and keep it running in the background while you play, monitor your CPU usage. If all 4 cores are hitting 100% that means your CPU is working at its maximum, and your graphics card has to wait for the CPU to catch up, hence the lower performance scores.

    AMD's Phenom II processors while still viable as gaming CPUs, are starting to show their age. They are competitive against the old Core 2 CPUs from intel. They can't hold a candle to intel's current CPUs though, especially if you are trying to game at a low resolution like 1280x1024. If your CPU usage is at 100%, all you can do is try to overclock your CPU higher. The other option is to get a higher resolution monitor, which would push most of the workload back to the GPU.
  2. +1
  3. Guys after you told this i brought the 17-2700k and a new mobo looks great, feels faster......

    but Damn it game almost the same fps...............totally fu*ked up i did a fresh install of windows, then installed some games

    every game gave an extra 20-30% boost in fps.......
  4. That cpu did not need replacing at all. Its still very potent for games and a good match up for that card. I would invest in a 1080p monitor next and let the card spread its wings.
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