Worried about voltage readings...

Just downloaded speedfan and got a clean install of windows going on on my comp, all drivers and such are updated. I am wondering if someone can tell me what these speedfan readings mean, as they look worrisome, but as i have no knowledge of voltages and stuff, i thought i would check.

vcore1 0.00V
vcore2 1.63V
+3.3v 0.54V
+5v 5.16V
+12v 16.32V

-12v 4.01V
-5v 4.05V
+5v 6.85V
Vbat 3.36V
Vcore 1.44V

+3.3V 3.41
+5V 5.16
+12V 12.35

GPU vddc 0.90V

All temps are fine, any helpful feedback would be appreciated. Also, are those the individual rails coming off the psu? (12v rail?
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  1. Speedfan is clearly reading the voltages incorrectly. Check the voltages in the motherboard BIOS.
  2. Try HWMonitor, but even that can show errors on certain hardware, so the bios is your best bet.
  3. kk, ill check bios and post those.
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    ATX12V specifies that voltage readings should be within +-5% of the voltage; proper voltage ranges for the rails:
    12V: 11.4 - 12.6V
    5V: 4.75 - 5.25V
    3.3V: 3.135 - 3.465V
    Voltage readings in the BIOS or during a light load will be higher than when stressing the system (gaming or stress testing with programs like Furmark or Prime95).
  5. bios are real close too what they dhould be speed fan was just confusing me.

    close the thread please :D
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