Buying new computer, need advice

So I am going to be building my own computer with the parts listed below.
Please tell me any improvements or things that I don't need.
P.S. This is the first time for me to build my own computer so tell me if I am missing any parts please! I will be using this computer for gaming. Preferred website for parts is

Vantec 7.1 Channel PCI Sound Card - 21
Logitech35 7.1 Channel Surround Headset - 108
Rosewill RCR-IC001 40-in-1 USB 2.0 3.5" Internal Card Reader - 12
Liteon iHAS324 24x DVD-RW Optical Disc Drive - 19.89
Western Digital Caviar Balck 2TB SATA III 7200RPM 64 MB Cache - 237
Logitech Gaming G510 Keyboard - 87
Cyborg Gaming RAT 9 Mouse - 139
2x EVGA GeForce GTX 580 3GB GDDR5 - 549 x2 = 1100
Corsair CC800DW Obsidian 800D Black Aluminum Case
Asus Digi+ Intel X79 LGA 2011 - 489
Intel i7 3960X LGA 2011 Processor - 1049
Corsair Memory Vengeance 16 Quad Channel Kit DDR3 1600 MHz - 82
Asus BW-12B1ST/BLK 12x Blu-Ray Internal Burner - 97
Crucial 256GB Solid State Sata 6gb/s - 379
Antec HCP-1200 ATX Power Supply -254
Corsair Hydro Series H100 - 103

Once again any suggestions, additions, subtractions, would be helpful :D first time building own computer.
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  1. That 3960X would be wasted if used just for gaming. A 2500K/2600K would likely serve you just as well for that purpose.
  2. Quote:
    Antec HCP-1200 ATX Power Supply -254

    Antec makes pretty decent PSUs but for that price - if you're especially planning on running dual 580s, the Corsair AX1200 (you can actually get by with 1K or less) or Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold series would be safer bets.


    Corsair Hydro Series H100 - 103

    This is certainly a good option for coolers but if you're not dead set on X79 I'd drop the plans for this and go with a higher quality air cooler like the Noctua NH-U9B.

    This would be my advice:

    I'd ditch the sound card and the card reader - the 3.5" card readers can be a huge pain to install in cases that don't have the drive bays for them. The sound card will be useless unless you're hooking your new PC up to some really high end audio equipment.

    You certainly don't need a $89 keyboard and $140 mouse (???) when you can get by perfectly fine with a $50 Logitech keyboard and mouse set.

    I'd also take the aforementioned advice and drop the X79 build - $1K is pretty ridiculous for a CPU alone when it's outperformed by a $300 one. You only need X79 if you're doing some really high end multi media photo and video editing (CS4 / 5) but for games it's very ridiculous and overkill.
  3. Indeed, you could trim upward of one thousand USD off of that build and likely never notice the difference outside of intensive benchmarks.
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